18.02.18 Rules of useful text

5 tools for creating useful and beautiful text

A list of useful sites, services, and applications for those who write or want to write texts. These tools are useful for creating articles, columns, posts in blogs and social networks, letters, and other text formats.

Dictaphone and MP3 Skype Recorder

A useful text is, first of all, a text containing useful content. The best source of information is usually a person who knows the topic well. Study the background, prepare a list of questions, and forward – consult an expert. In person, the conversation can be recorded on a voice recorder, for Skype calls there is an MP3 Skype Recorder (and a couple dozen analogues), and for telephone interviews – the function of recording conversations on a smartphone.

By the way, a dictaphone is a useful tool not only for journalists. This is a find for entrepreneurs who would like to write about their business, but do not know where to start. If you can not write a text in a blog or column, try first speaking the necessary info to the recorder, and then – to decipher the record and correct the form. You can talk with your wife or husband, with a friend, with your parents, with yourself. But best of all – with the editor.


The finished text should not only be concise, but also checked for errors and typos: to even the most competent and attentive authors they may happen. To do this, use spell check services. There are many, both paid and free options. The most convenient is LanguageTool, a multi-language spell checker that checks not only spelling, but punctuation. The site also has an extension for Chrome.

This service supports 28 languages. English is also in the list of languages, but for it I use the «Grammarly» extension.

Readability of text

Former PR man Cameron Craig, in the column for Harvard Business Review, shared this excellent advice: “Apple writes press releases so that they are understood by 11-year-olds. Simplicity does not make the text worse, but just the opposite.”

Russian-language text may be checked using the service “Evaluation of the readability of the text.” Thise service uses five evaluation formulas adapted for the Russian language. After checking, you will see the minimum level of education that is required to understand the text. Experience shows: if it says “students of the 1-2 course” – it is already difficult. Try to write in a way that students understand. The quickest way to simplify the text is to break long sentences into several short ones.

eTXT Anti-plagiarism

eTXT Anti-plagiarism is one of the services for checking the uniqueness of the text. If you do not know why you want to check the text for uniqueness, you probably do not need it at all. Skip this step. If verification is required, it is better to use eTXT. It is more convenient, faster, and more correct than Advego Plagiatus, but it is not as “toothless” as other tools.

Design: JoxyCanva9GAG

Illustrations make the text either more useful, or more beautiful, or more useful and beautiful. The easiest way to create a useful illustration is to make a screenshot of the screen showing valuable information. For example, if you write a case study on progress, you can crawl the analytics of the site. Joxy is one of the most convenient services for this purpose. In the online designer Canva it is easy to create an infographic. 9GAG is a source of memes, hyphos, and other ridiculous illustrations.

Useful text to write is not as difficult as it seems. The main thing is not to complicate, to respect the reader, and take care of his time. If you do not appreciate the person’s time, the next time he will look at seals on Youtube. We do not want this.